Buck Island, USVI

Located just outside of St. Thomas’ main Harbor, Buck Island is always a great addition to the trip when staying close to the U.S. Islands.  Known for the second oldest lighthouse in the Virgin Islands, and its two beautiful bays great for snorkeling. Turtle Clove is cleverly named for all the Green Sea Turtles that call it home. Within minutes of pulling up to Turtle Cove turtles can be spotted coming up for air, and when jumping in the water, you are guaranteed to see more turtles than anywhere else.  Along with the sea turtles and stingrays, all along the small coastline is full of life.  With tons of healthy coral and colorful fish, you better make sure your camera is ready! Just around the point is Shipwreck Cove.  A Great place for history buffs who want to snorkel an old World War II sunken navy ship. The Cartanza Senora was a 190ft long freighter, which was originally used to transport goods during the war. But legends say that after the war it was used as a drug transporting ship, and was allegedly scuttled by the crew in attempt to evade government officials in the mouth of Charlotte Amalie harbor. Years later in 1979, local dive shops raised the money in order to move the shipwreck out to an area off of Buck Island in 85ft of water. In the 80’s the storm surge from Hurricane Hugo moved the ship into what is now called Shipwreck Cove, where it sits at about 45ft deep and broken into three pieces and full of marine life. 

• Swim with the sea turtles and stingray’s in Turtle Cove

• Snorkel Shipwreck Cove and sunken ship Cartanza Senora

• Take hike up to Old Danish lighthouse, the second oldest lighthouse in all Virgin Islands