Virgin Gorda, BVI

At almost forty miles away, Virgin Gorda is quite a jaunt from St. Thomas. Sometimes the Francis Drake channel can be a bit “Sporty”, but once you make it, you will see it is worth the trip. With a Customs office located in Spanish Town, your Captain will clear all passengers into the BVI. You can stretch your legs while shopping on the dock, or relax at the Fat Turtle and have a cold one. Once cleared into Customs, we can take the boat over to Devil’s Bay, where you will swim into the Bath’s. At the Bath’s you can see real evidence of the islands volcanic origins, as huge granite boulders lay in piles on the beach. Take the trail, or make your own through these scenic grottoes that are open to the sea. When you make it to Virgin Gorda, you might as well go the extra 15 minutes to the North Sound, where you will find the exclusive Saba Rock. By Far, Saba is our pick to have lunch and hang out on the back deck, where there are no words to explain the beauty. Traveling all the way to Virgin Gorda is a bit more of a fuel bill, but with everything to see and do, the experience is priceless.

• Home of the famous Bath’s

• North Sound, Virgin Gorda and Bitter End Yacht Club

• Saba Rock Restaurant Bar and Hotel (opening soon)